Flier Distribution

An Event Staff & Street Marketing Agency

Street Teams

Street Teams

We can help you elevate your presence by creating a memorable or unforgettable interaction with your audience in the public space or at an event.

Retail-level Distribution

Flier Distribution

We offer Retail-level Distribution nationwide. This is important to get your message to people where they actually live, shop, and eat regularly.

Promote Events

Event Promotion

We Retail-level Distribution Openings and Product Launches to specific target audiences to ensure messaging reaches the right audience when it counts.


  • Street Team Marketing
  • Event Promotion and Event Staffing
  • Hand-to-Hand Collateral Distribution
  • Distribution Into Street-Level Stores
  • Brand Ambassadors and Mascots

We work with clients to create targeted campaigns nationwide.

We Provide: Flier Distribution Nationwide, Brand Ambassadors, Street Team Marketing, Brand Activations, Event Staff, Trade Show Staff, Brand Mascots, Guerrilla Marketing, Flyer Distribution, Product Sampling, Collateral Distribution, Brand Representation, Poster Advertising (OOH), Event Promotions, Promotional Staff, Staff Management.

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Markets We Staff: New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Colorado, Minneapolis, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, DC, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, San Diego, Nashville, Columbus, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas (DFW), Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Orlando, San Jose, Miami Beach, Sacramento, Charlotte, Charleston, Portland, Richmond, Jacksonville, San Antonio. Inquire for your market.